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"Strength , stamina & flexibility"


Welcome to TasGirevik, dedicated to promoting lifelong fitness using kettlebells.

A wise man has great power; and a knowledgeable man increases strength (Proverbs 24.5)

Tas = Tasmania , island paradise beneath Australia

Girevik = one who exercises with kettlebells

Health = positive attitude + functional exercise + nutrition/calories

Kettlebells = Useful strength + flexibility + stamina + fun , for life

My day job (pathologist) is diagnosing disease ; I feel obliged to help prevent disease by promoting a solution to regular , fun & challenging exercise in a busy world. Get a kettlebell or two , and use it for life!

TasGirevik has been conceived for those interested in adopting the kettlebell as an exercise modality in itself , or as a means to enhance performance and aid recovery in athletic and occupational spheres. Kettlebells form the basis of one of the most effective , versatile and challenging fitness methods available , offering unsurpassed efficiency , with rapidly achievable and truly functional results. This translates into practical fitness , immediately applicable to real world situations.

Aims: This site is designed to challenge some popular beliefs , as well as stimulate thought and action. I am an open-minded skeptic and I urge you to be the same. I hope you will use the information provided to question your current approach to health via all round physical fitness.

I am confident you will find the time spent fully exploring this site rewarding and empowering.

I have written a novice's guide to learning how to lift kettlebells ; it is available as a hard copy or as a downloadable e-book. See below for details of how to order.

Purchase Kettlebell manual here

Website concocted and written by Paul Tucker (me), where all blame resides
Comments & suggestions are always welcome


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