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Well maybe not literally, but...

coming down from the trees

Studying anthropology and evolutionary archaeology , one realises that our human bodies (Homo sapiens) have not changed significantly since stereotypical cave times. Admittedly , different populations have adapted to different geographical environments with respect to climate , sunlight , dietary sources and local infectious illnesses . Genetically we share 99.9% of our DNA , and with respect to bodily habitus the human species is remarkably similar.

In this hectic , industrialised world , we are modern people trapped in paleolithic (stone-age) bodies that have evolved to cope with ,  and need regular vigorous physical challenges to remain fully functional.


Long hours of study and office toil or unremitting physical labour “dumb down” the normal human potential for powerful , graceful and painfree movement.  Keep an animal confined and it will lose its natural survival ability.

Evolutionary fitness is a fascinating subject. For more , please explore this site:





Modern  systems of exercise have until recently used vanity rather than functionality as a marketing tool. You know well the blurb :  “look great , feel years younger , lose flab and cellulite , tone up for summer, get that six pack, buns of steel etc etc.” 

Delving behind these stereotypical scenes uncovers all manner of “hidden knowledge and secrets” which put practical fitness and skill before the (inevitable) secondary effects of “sex appeal” , for want of a better term.


Some of us are committed to promoting methods of REGAINING OUR POPULATION VIGOUR!




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