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Kids are strong , but always supervise!


         A cross section of potential kettlebell users


1. Mums and Dads and Sensible Children


Concerned parents : read this for info on children and weightlifting http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/full/107/6/1470?l=5950022


2. Stressed , stiff and  sore  "workers of the world".


3  Military & law enforcement officers , Fire fighters, search & rescue and support personnel


4..Martial artists : where strength must not be compromised by weight ,  and    where strength flexibility & endurance are paramount.




5. Athletes in all sports e.g.


a.       Olympic weightlifters , powerlifters ,  bodybuilders who want to be as strong (or stronger) than they look

b.      tennis , squash , golf enthusiasts

c.       runners , jumpers, cyclists

d.      rowers

e.       footballers , rugby , soccer players and basketballers

f.        skiers , bushwalkers , rockclimbers

g.       swimmers

h.       big game fishermen where grip endurance is everything!

i.    country sports - woodchopping , rodeo & horse riding


6. Rehabilitation : attention! physiotherapists and the self motivated

7." Middle aged" & "elderly" -  regain the strength and balance of your youth!

   8. Gardeners & landscapers

   9. Weekend sporting warriors

 10. Anyone who has tried yoga or pilates and wants the advantages of both and endless new fitness challenges.


If you are a personal trainer , rehabilitation therapist , medical practitioner or other form of healer, I trust the information can be incorporated into the lives of at least some of your clientele




 If you hate gyms or "can’t find the time " to exercise , you’re not alone!


If you are a serious athlete who has reached a plateau , wants to cross-train and eliminate weaknesses , is injured , or just needs a good old-fashioned challenge or change of pace, then you should seriously consider the (unfair!) lifelong benefits that kettlebells offer.


If you have a “bad back” , “poor posture” or suffer from “tension” - kettlebells will fix it!


If you are a pregnant woman or are trying to regain or improve your pre-pregnancy state , Kettlebells are safe and highly effective. 




All ladies should bookmark the following site for the best in well researched women’s fitness and health advice.




If you are an older person or athlete who has forgotten how to play and to move efficiently and gracefully , appropriately sized kettlebells provide  a convenient and effective do-it-yourself solution to regaining lost conditioning and skills. The benefits immediately translate into the ability to participate in a wide range of sporting and other activities . Don’t fall for the “I’m too old” excuse.


I apologise for the occasional use of the words “training” and “workout”. They are ingrained in modern culture .Please substitute “play”as necessary. You can turn work into play. It’s just a matter of attitude.



The following from GoAnimal is a superb book about rediscovering how to play and develop uninhibited natural exercise habits and abilities and I can highly recommend it.




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