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Acknowledgments :


Ron Nylander : Olympic weightlifting and strength trainer - for teaching me the art of  safe lifting all those years ago.

Mike Patterson : osteopath & deep tissue masseur  - for introducing me to Kettlebells , helping me overcome chronic pain and practising what he preaches.

Dr Tim Begbie : for acupuncture & moral support when I really needed it!

Pete Rogers  : for his camaraderie  and for having the insight and drive to introduce kettlebells to Australians.

Nigel Cross : for providing the technical know-how and high standards  to enable premium Kettlebells to be cast in Tasmania.

My family,  for their tolerance with my obsession…though it is to their advantage.

Pavel Tsatsouline, for his encyclopaedic  knowledge , energy ,  vision , expertise and sense of humour.

John Du Cane for giving Pavel & others the bandwidth to get the message out.

Jared Savik and Andrey Kuzmin for advice and resources on Girevoy Sport.

Steve Cotter for his uncompromising standards,  & to the myriads of contributors on the http://forum.dragondoor.com/training/ forum for their generous & uninhibited advice. May you all enjoy a long , productive and fun-filled life.

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