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A cool webcam you can move...Hobart , Tasmania...where the weather is good or bad and everything in between.
Dragon Door is a point of entry and return for the best and latest in strength & conditioning. Has a great forum.
Lisa Schaffer has a good "Kettlebell basics" dvd available  here:
Pavel's material is first class. What a choice!
Steve Cotter's amazing encylopaedia of kettlebell lifting - a must have for the committed girevik , go here :
He's a world class martial artist too! Check out the strength radio broadcast ( scroll down page at left ) :
Mike Mahler is one seriously strong and fit man! Great website and the articles section is full of good stuff.
If you are serious about stretching you can't go past Pavel's " Relax Into Stretch "




For extreme strength with a dash of eccentricity and definite DIY flavour! I love it! And great e-books for the experienced girevik go to:





For a chowder of links to KB related training suggestions try here:





For great e-books on how to train with kettlebells Jared has done a great job with his "American Guide" , see below :







American guide to kettlebell training

The Ethnic Sport of kettlebells!

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