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Advice for the very interested - so you want to lose fat , get toned (which you now know means strong) and get fitter than the energiser bunny, all in your own time and in the comfort of a venue of your choice? Sounds too good to be true,  but it ain't!
The secret is in the shape of the kettlebell , the free weight environment , the emphasis on good form and intensity, and the fun /skill factor.
You can try to make your own bell or try using dumbbells,  but believe me it gets ugly and dangerous and you will give up.

First ,  if you are out of condition i.e unfit ,  and especially if over 35 and/or have significant medical conditions ( significantly overweight , smoker, high blood pressure , heart problems or balance problems) or history of significant injury (back , joint) or are pregnant , check with your doctor before commencing.” Arthritis” is not necessarily a contraindication . Print out these pages or write down the website URL , and inform him/her that the exercises can be tailored to those with significant conditions – just as yoga/pilates can .

You will be responsible for your exercise progress and must be aware that some exercises carry a greater degree of risk – but again , this never stopped folk enrolling in a yoga or tennis group. Know your limits but be prepared to eventually exceed them by a long way!


Second , strength is a skill which must be learnt and practised frequently. Like any skill , correct technique is paramount and every effort made to start kettlebell training with a commitment to perfect technique.


You need a kettlebell , some initial basic instruction and the leap of faith that over the coming weeks , months and years you will achieve beyond what you thought was possible. Your bell will become a trusted friend!



Ladies normally start with an 8 kg bell (or 12 if already strong/conditioned) and men with a 16kg bell (or 20kg if strong). Even if you seem to outgrow the initial purchase , you can make the exercises harder (e.g. do more repetitions in less time , or by holding the bell or positioning the body in a more awkward position ) . Lighter bells are ideal for “recovery” workouts or for rehabilitation. Or , buy another of the same size which gives you a whole range of new and more challenging exercises to try.




With the elusive power of self-motivation , it is entirely possible to teach oneself the art and skill of Kettlebells. Autodidactico.The key is to start cautiously and be very aware of any bodily limitations in the initial weeks , and when trying new skills. Kettlebell usage teaches correct body alignment and self-awareness which  translate directly  into correct posture and safe movement patterns.


Having said that , if at all possible it is best to commence kettlebell training with direct instruction. This helps identify initial restrictions which identify or prevent the development of poor lifting habits which may be difficult to remedy at a later stage. Once you get started the aim is to become self-sufficient in managing your physical health  , for the rest of your life. In other words , learning to service your own vehicle.



I can provide the enthusiasm , motivation and testimonials. If you practise and keep a diary/log book you can very easily become self-motivated. Seeing your rapid progress , in terms of strength , flexibility , endurance and ability to complete challenging moves is self-motivating. You too can become “autodidactico” – a self-teaching master , like Leonardo da Vinci (who was incredibly fit & strong and could bend horseshoes amongst a few other feats…)


*** Sept 2007 : My new beginner's manual is now available : 33 pages , colour pics including time lapse photos - all you need to master the basics, safely.  Profits go to the Girevoy (kettlebell ) Sport Australia Association to assist  running expenses of this not-for-profit brand new sports association.


"How to Get Strong & How to Stay So with Kettlebells"


Cost is $USD20  incl P&H , delivered anywhere.


To order - send me an email

tucker@netspace.net.au    ( please add cc to tasgirevik@gmail.com )


I will send you details on how to order securely via credit card (Paypal)


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