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This is a really difficult page! Initially folk start off wanting weight/fat loss , general fitness including strengthening (tone) and stamina (cardio) and in many ways those general goals are easily catered for. Complete beginners should not attempt too much volume or intensity , rather aim to workout as often as possible whilst staying fresh i.e. don't go to the point of exhaustion. You will lose heart and be unable to practise with enthusiasm.
 I want you to look forward to learning new skills and gradually improving all areas of strength , stamina and flexibility. becoming too hung up on weight loss will , like dieting , lead to frustration. Many people initially gain weight as fat is replaced by muscle.
The feeling of well being and satisfaction of making progress in all areas should feed upon itself. Erratic training is doomed to failure, so aim to practise often , with focus and with an aim to making significant gains over a period of 4-6 weeks.Thereafter , goals may need to change.
The body may take months to adapt to higher workloads so don't be tempted to overtrain even though your progress may seem impressive. The long lived Okinawan population stress never eating beyond 80% "full" ; with kettlebells , leave a bit in the tank to enable constant progress and avoid acute and chronic injuries.
Newbies - watch the dvd, practise and practise some more. Some exercises will be difficult but to get maximal benefit I want you to consider them. Exercises you find hard are usually ones requiring some aspect of skill , stamina or endurance. and  Familiarity breeds contempt! Face up to and then train your weaknesses!
Keep a diary and write your short , medium and long term goals. Be completely honest ; your results will reflect your ambitions if you plan and put the work in!
There is no miracle pill , exercise or shortcut to extreme physical well being!

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