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The situation as it stands

Pete Rogers and myself (Paul Tucker) currently set aside Friday lunchtimes from 12:30 or so  (weather and other circumstances permitting) to play with kettlebells on the lawn in front of stately Parliament house in Hobart. We stick around for an hour or so and are happy to show you why kettlebells are the bees knees. Best to flick me an email on the day to check we're going to be there.
If this is inconvenient or you are a sporting or other group interested in kettlebells , please contact me and we can organise something, as long as you are in the Hobart area.
Please note : Formal instruction with kettlebells is not yet available. Kettlebells are a tool and in the wrong hands can be very dangerous , even lethal. Yes that is a dramatic statement...but a car can be lethal , and so can a chainsaw. However , if you know your physical limitations , follow the basic safety rules, learn the art of 'pressure breathing" and practise the basic movements with an appropriate weight , there is relatively little risk. Trying too much too soon ( volume , intensity , weight , degree of difficulty) may result in acute or overuse injury.
If you have a disability , you may not be able to progress to the more skilled movements...but you can still significantly improve your physical condition. If you are physically well and motivated you can become an elite girevik. Most folk lie in between and the level of achievement is a simple matter of "you get out what you put in".
I think it is best to start conservatively and follow a goal...whether to lose weight , become fitter , become stronger , become more flexible or overcome a physical limitation. As you progress you will see that learning the skill of kettlebell lifting educates your breathing and nervous sytem so that your whole body works more efficiently and more safely.
To train individuals in the art of kettlebell lifting requires an understanding of anatomy , physiology , musculoskeletal , neurological and cardiovascular physiology and also psychology. Obviously it requires that an individual can demonstrate competence in the entire spectrum of the art being taught.
To train individuals in the risk averse 21st century requires bulletproof liability insurance and waivers. That involves kerfuffle and money.
I started kettlebells in a significantly injured state. I have rehabilitated fully and mastered the art of kettlebell lifting. I have never been injured during my progress. To me that is testimonial to the fact that you can teach yourself the skills , albeit with some guidance in the form of watching in person or watching a dvd.
At the end of the day no activity or limited activity is far riskier than becoming involved in an activity which can overcome and prevent many of the physical effects of "ageing". You must decide for yourself what degree of risk is for you.
A kettlebell is more than just a ball of metal. Those who choose the girevik way will develop a sense of great resilience which overcomes many of life's perceived obstacles.
Do you want a survival advantage?
"The world rests on the shoulders of enthusiasts"

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