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Holistic health


Holistic means “relating to or concerned with wholes,  or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts”.

Holistic is not a new , or new age term ; the ancients recognised that the mind & body are one and that humans are designed to operate as resilient , free flowing , fun & challenge-seeking animals.

We are not just a collection of body parts , and the only benefit of mindless attention to “isolating muscles”, “burning fat” or “going for the pump” is to feed vanity and line the pockets of those who promote this method..


Kettlebells offer an holistic solution , in that the exercises (exertion in real life patterns) mimic normal , natural  movement and physical challenges. The exercises can be adapted as necessary to achieve various specific goals (weight loss , “toning” , strengthening , rehabilitation) but by the very nature of the “kettlebell solution”, when performed  as prescribed (combining strength with flexibility and endurance) the results follow as consistently & predictably as night follows day.


Common sense


The body needs frequent challenging exercise. It needs a source of nutrition and requires rest to allow repair / restoration of the various body systems.


Good results require good nutrition and plentiful sleep.


If what you eat cannot be considered “nutritious” , that will not surprisingly work against your aim of becoming fitter & healthier. Losing weight is , at a basic level,  a simple combination of more exercise and eating less calories. Avoid processed foods wherever possible to ensure what you do consume is nutritious.

Most of us realise that dieting is very hard to maintain. I prefer to eat paleolithically – whenever I am hungry I eat nutritiously.

If you use Kettlebells regularly you need to eat regularly , especially a proper breakfast , and consume additional protein to rebuild muscle. As you replace fat with lean muscle your metabolism will work far more efficiently. (muscle tissue uses more calories even in its resting state)


If sleep patterns are erratic , adequate generation of the “natural youthfulness drug” – Growth Hormone (produced during sleep and also after vigorous exercise) will be hampered. In addition , mood chemicals are positively enhanced by sound sleep habits

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