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2 manuals available , all solid information and well illustrated.
(1) My 33 Page manual "How To Get Strong & Fit & How To Stay So with Kettlebells" - aimed at novices - is available now. The manual is clearly written and illustrated in colour with time lapse photography to show critical points of technique.

The manual is can be purchased as a ring bound manual (colour pics) for $USD18 including P&P sent anywhere in the world. For this option send me an email with your order and address. I will send a PayPal invoice and when notified of your purchase will post the book immediately.

Or if you want it now, it can be purchased for $US10 as an e-book by downloading the 3.3Mb Zipped file by clicking the link and choosing the "Save file as" option. Extract this to your desktop or other folder.

You will then need to purchase an unlock key (code) to activate the full contents of the e-book. In the top right corner of the downloaded file page there is an orange "purchase e-book" tab. This takes you to the secure PayPal site where you will be given the activation key.

The book can be printed.

Download "How To Get Strong & Fit with Kettlebells" e-book now


(2) The "Downunder Guide To Navigating Girevoy Sport" is a detailed look at the intricacies required to cope with the special demands of this difficult sport. Many useful ideas even for those not wishing to formally compete.
Follow this link to download e-book; hard copy also available.

Girevoy Sport Manual

My Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport manual "Downunder Guide to Navigating Girevoy Sport" contains many tips and tricks for understanding the intricacies of this style of kettlebell lifting.