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What kettlebells offer

Boys & Girls

  1. Kettlebells are simply metal weights ; the offset handle allows a vast number of exercises to be performed in a fluid , functionally effective manner.
  2. Kettlebells are tools ; reading the instructions is wise, and the more you practise the better .
  3. Strength is a skill , the more you practise the stronger you can become.
  4. The stability and power of the human body starts with the torso (“core”). Kettlebells rapidly improve torso strength.
  5. Kettlebells condition all the muscles; any kettlebell exercise uses many of the key stabilising muscles , maintaining torso strength for safe day to day activities.
  6. Kettlebell training reinforces healthy breathing and  movement patterns , remedying “stuck tension” prevalent in many humans.
  7. Kettlebells teach muscles to tense (strength) and also relax(flexibility). Strength flexibility means the body can operate safely at awkward angles and under unpredictable e.g. moving loads.
  8. Kettlebells are an excellent rehab tool; great for "bad backs" and "RSI". Realign and reinforce your body.
  9. Kettlebells can be used as a stand alone tool for developing amazing useful strength , flexibility and stamina or , to supplement one’s favourite exercise modality. No one really enjoys running on a dark, wet , wintry day - and treadmills are rather industrial and grey...
  10. Kettlebells can be used by the entire family, anyplace, anytime. Possibly the greatest drawcard.
  11. There are no gym fees , transport hassles, gym clothes , queues to use equipment etc etc.
  12. Ten minutes of solid exercise a day will whip you into shape fast. You will easily gain more in 20-40 minutes of kettlebelling than in an hour or more of traditional gym work.
  13. Modern sports science supports frequent , short duration , intense exercise as the ideal for longevity and all round health. In a busy world this is very good news indeed!
  14. Lose weight , get toned , control pain , become flexible , become energised  & regain that spring in your step . Using kettlebells is quite unlike anything  you've experienced!
  15. Lower the risk of osteoporosis , strengthen your heart & lungs and reduce blood pressure.
  16. The ultimate stress buster - take it on out the bell when you get home or use it at work to cool off! 



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Kettlebells work!

They really work!

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