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"The Downunder Guide To Navigating Girevoy Sport" (June 2008)

Following requests from Australian kettlebell sport colleagues to compile a manual of GS training principles and practise I have compiled this comprehensive 60 page book. This covers everything I have learnt & practised in the past few years as a kettlebell sport competitor and student. I have distilled as much information as is necessary and it is illustrated with numerous video still photos to illustrate critical points.

The manual will suit GS beginners as well as experienced weight trainers and is aimed at those who don't have ready access to or financial resources for , hands on coaching . Additionally this will provide interested sports trainers with the information to guide others.

The best trainer is of course personal experience, however an explanation of not just "how?" but "why?" serves to improve the efficiency of the learning process. This is what this book aims to achieve.

Click here to view the table of contents:

GS manual table of contents

"Paul's new GS down under manual is fantastic, I recommend everyone who hasnt yet purchased one to get one. Its the best beginners plus guide that I have come across so far. Our club has been implementing the techniques and training methology with good results so far. I find it very straight forward and to the point and logical, no fluff ,all useful info. I have found it far superior to any of the other GS and general kettlebell books I have purchased over the years. Cheers, Mat"

Click below to download the e-book (5Mb) now. Details of how to purchase the activation code (key) are included on the top right hand corner. Payment ($USD 20) is secure (via PayPal.)

*** Click here to download and purchase the e-book " Navigating Girevoy Sport " ***

Spiral wirebound hardcopy also available . $US25 plus P&P (~$2.65 in Australia , $7.20 to USA). Email to order.

"How To Get Strong & Fit & How To Stay So with Kettlebells"

This 33 page manual has been written especially for novices to kettlebell lifting. It is clearly written and illustrated to enable safe mastery of the basics of kettlebell lifting .

It can be purchased as a ringbound colour hardcopy ($US18 posted anywhere) or as a downloadable e-book ($10USD).

Click here for sample and how to purchase :

Purchase beginner's manual

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