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Training resources


Even now , the method of most effectively training for this sport is not clearly established. However , empirically great results have been achieved over a relatively short time that the sport has become popular.


It is only by experimentation and competition over many years that an athlete will discover his/her  most effective system for handling the gruelling training whilst ensuring recovery.


I have acquired information by way of e-books , forums and personal communication. It is not my style to plagiarise this information and indeed one will learn far more by making the effort to obtain original sources , rather than being “spoon-fed” the “recipe for success”.  

Andrey Kuzmin (Volgograd , Russia) Training manuals , video clips of technique and competitions

Jared Savik (Montana , USA) GS Training manual and more

Disc 5 of Steve Cotter's superb Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting contains demonstrations of Girevoy Sport lifts by World Champion Valery Fedorenko

Dave Whitley CMS - jerk article

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