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Excerpts from S.Y Smolov , Founder & editor-in-chief of the magazines “Athlete” and “Handlebell Sport and Power Show Programs , Director General of Scientific Industrial Association “INSPORT”, of the All Union Federation of Handlebell Sport.




“Our main purpose is to popularize the handlebell sport as well as the untraditional physical exercises and events , demonstrating the unique power-potentials of men. These are based on the handlebell sport which has been traditionally popular and enjoyed in Russia.


Competitions are usually held simultaneously on several platforms that stimulates public interest to this sport and favours its attractiveness.


The apparatus itself is rather primitive , though rather useful. All ages seem to be resigned to the handlebell sport. It’s a wonder what strength and iron health can grant you exercises with handlebells. The most experienced handlebell lifters are attaining the unique power endurances. In this capacity there are hardly any athletes representing other sports who could compete with them. The handlebell sport tempers true muscular character , trains excellent resolute qualities etc –one can infinitely list the merits of this sport. Try it and you will see it yourself.”