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Girevoy Sport Australia is a non-profit association that welcomes kettlebell lifters from all walks of life.
It is accepted that not everyone is interested into committing to the discipline of a niche sport (competitive kettlebell lifting) however the methods used provide the ingredients and recipes for enhanced physical performance in many other sports. In particular , individuals who train for endurance sports (such as rowing, endurance challenges) , combat sports (martial arts , boxing , wrestling)  or who are interested in weightlifting of any type will find appropriate kettlebell training greatly enhances their strengths whilst highlighting any weaknesses. 
The association is primarily concerned with the gaining and dissemination of training knowledge , and the promotion and organisation of competitions specifically relating to competitive kettlebell lifting. In addition to the traditional competition events ( Short cycle jerk , snatch and long cycle jerk) we are interested in other kettlebell lifting events. Outside the traditional events these fall under the umbrella of "odd lifting" and share with other disciplines such as strongman and highland games the facility to show feats of strength and endurance using kettlebells as the implement of choice.
The association is committed to establishing and maintaining links with other similar bodies worldwide , abiding by the rules of international competition and promoting the use of kettlebells for general health , fitness and rehabilitation  as well as a means of preparing for specific sports. Ultimately the goal is to encourage safe and sustainable lifting methods with an emphasis on efficiency and effectiveness.

On a personal note , I have competed at the World Masters , and in locally based comps over the past two years have unofficially achieved the Candidate to Master of Sports (CMS) numbers (highly advanced) using 24kg bells in both traditional (jerk+snatch) and long cycle clean & jerk events , as well as level 1 with 32kg bells in the long cycle. (see rankings page) . As a masters competitor I am now attempting to defy the ageing process and train to compete with 32kg kettlebells. It is an irresistable albeit tough challenge!