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Kettlebell (girevoy) Sport

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For extreme strength endurance...few are game enough

Competition style giri


Not surprisingly , and no doubt to ward off boredom and allow for spirited challenges, in past decades impromptu strength & endurance contests evolved using kettlebells. This was  natural primitive human behaviour   !


Kettlebells in Russian sport : During the 20th century , the bells were used by strength athletes e.g weightlifters to compliment more traditional barbell lifts. In 1948 Russians commenced kettlebell sport (Girevoy sport) which pitched a man and a time clock against the maximal repetitions obtained in 3 types of lifts , the snatch (weight swung with one arm straight above head ) , the clean & jerk ( 2 bells swung to chest once , and then put overhead as many times as possible) and the one armed push press.

Modern Girevoy sport , practised by highly conditioned male and female Gireviks , has evolved into a monument of strength endurance , where in order to obtain his/her best result,  the competitor must develop perfect technique to allow energy conservation whilst testing his/her physical & mental grit to the limit .  It is a supreme test of stamina , strength , character ,courage and determination. For the interested , Denisov recently set a new world record in the 2 kettlebell jerk competition , putting 2 , 32 kg bells overhead 175 times in 10 minutes.


Competive gireviks come in all shapes and sizes, and compete in age and weight divisions. Unlike in traditional weightlifting , there are virtually no "fat" competitors. 


There are some great demo videoes on Andrey Kuzmin's Russian site : ladies and men!


Ukrainian Kettlebell Master David Klenow

Girevoy Sport Australia

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