David Klenow - Ukrainian Master Of Girevoy Sport

***2006 World Record***
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I  had the opportunity to compete in the 2006 World Masters Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport championships in Hamburg , Germany. Although there was an major language barrier , on the competition platform we all spoke the same language, albeit with different "accents" reflecting various styles of lifting.


The Ukrainian team was strong , and there is clearly an excellent training infrastructure. David Klenow cut an imposing figure from the moment he stepped into the gymnasium . It wasn’t just the pirate look – Ukrainian bandana , double earring , short ponytail and long socks – he swaggered with all the assuredness and intent of a hardened buccaneer. It was obvious he had travelled the high seas for many years,  with many tales to tell! For the non-Russians who competed he was most encouraging , approaching us after our performances and by means of  sign language peppered with Russian, indicating the GS world was our oyster . But only if we prepared to weather some rough seas!


For me , the meeting will always be memorable for meeting the “Pirate” with his big beaming smile.


After the competition he showed me pictures of his family , his many medals and pictures taken with the governor of the Ukraine. He handed me two pages of Cyrillic script ; essentially a piece summarising his journey thus far , and spoke thus: “internet”. I presumed he wished to be “known” in the West and thus I have constructed this little site dedicated to a great master girevik.


Thanks to David for much inspiration and , following the comp ,  giving me the shirt off his back.


Paul Tucker , Tasmania, Australia

(Many thanks to Vlad Rakic  & Mr Radic Snr. for translating the document , first into Serbian and then into English. )



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