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David Klenow - Ukrainian Master Of Girevoy Sport

***2006 World Record***

***2006 World Record***
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David dedicated this event to honour  Queen Elizabeth 2nd's 80th birthday.


Pressing ability is much revered amongst serious gireviks. David has achieved some extremely impressive results which reflect both his strength and endurance.
The record was set when David was 60 thus proving there are no limits for older athletes. For the record he achieved 101 continuous presses using a 40kg (88lb) kettlebell , alternating between right and left sides as necessary , without letting the bell drop below the shoulders , in 9 mins 40 seconds. All the while , whilst standing barefoot on broken glass.
If you have a good internet connection you can download the video of the event (43Mb). Also , the link contains pictures from the day , and a shorter video of David's official dedication to QE2.

Link to world record pressing video


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