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David Klenow - Ukrainian Master Of Girevoy Sport

The Master Girevik

***2006 World Record***
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History & achievements

David Vasilijevich Klenov, USSR and Ukraine master of sport, 5 times world masters champion in girevoy sport, multiple Ukraine champion, winner of international championships and Spartakiads (Spartakiads were the games of Eastern bloc countries, similar to Commonwealth games).


He started girevoy sport training at 40 years of age. He is 59 today, continues to train and spends all his free time with his favorite “hobby” – girevoy sport.


Having finished active participation at traditional competitions, David transferred to “non-traditional” side of girevoy sport at different weights. He had very good results and entered the Guinness Book of records, lifting the 32kg KB seated, alternating with left and right hand 586 times, in 1 hour.  However, this sportsman will not rest at that result, but wants to improve his record by pressing the 32kg KB 600 times in 1 hour for his 60th birthday in 2006.


In addition to this achievement, David has shown great results with kettlebells of different weights:


  • 24kg press with left hand – 701 reps, Zaporozhje
  • 32kg press with left hand – 311 reps, Dokuchaevsk
  • 40kg jerk with left hand – 200 reps, Afini
  • 24kg press, sitting on the bench, alternating left and right hand in 1 hour – 836 reps, at Koblevo
  • Jerk, alternating hands, 48kg, in 30 minutes – 205 reps, at Harkov
  • Jerk, alternating hands, 40kg, in 1 hour – 473 reps, at Balakleya
  • 40kg press, alternating hands, while standing barefoot on broken glass, in 30 minutes – 255 reps, at Balakleya


Lately, David has been training and performing under a different motto – when invited, dedicating performances and records to cities at their foundation anniversaries. Here are some of his press results:


  • 40kg, city of Terespol, Poland – 306 reps
  • 48kg, city of Harkov, Ukraine– 350 reps
  • 32kg, city of Vinnica, Ukraine– 650 reps
  • 32kg, left hand, city of HersonUkraine – 225 reps
  • 32kg, barefoot on broken glass, city of DnepropetrovskUkraine – 225 reps
  • 40kg, city of Belovodsk, Ukraine– 319 reps
  • 32kg, city of Hamburg, Germany – 814 reps


The athlete (girevik) has earned sincere love and respect from fans, especially outside Russia. Greeks, Polish and Germans have asked him if he makes a lot of money from his demonstrations? When they find out he does it for personal satisfaction, they leave him excited and impressed. When they try to lift the kettlebells, they ask him if he plans to live long after these performances? He’s usual answer is “Not long, only 40 – 45 years more!”  Some spectators are suspicious and laugh at his answers. David’s answer is always the same – “Call me again, don’t worry about the money, I will always come to show I’m alive and what I can do!”


David’s wishes are not only to improve the existing records, but to show great results in new challenges. Not only is he training for himself, he is training young men. 9 masters of sport and 12 masters of sports candidates are product of his training.


And David does all this voluntarily, without any financial aid. In addition to youth sport development, he encourages his young protégés to achieve higher results at school. 


He leads an healthy lifestyle. He stopped drinking alcohol in 1981 and stopped smoking in 1983 and got rid of other unnecessary things in his life.


We wish him lots of success and new accomplishments!

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